The introduction of the internet into the existing industrial set up has changed the entire landscape of the economic structure. Now every business has must have an online presence in order to attract more customers in the long run and to operate more efficiently. Indeed WooCommerce helped greatly in customizing the online store to fit my business. There are multiple plugins available that are useful. Along with the Woocommerce security, these 5 WooCommerce plugins helped me sell more:

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The WooCommerce plugin for Yopto Product Review System:

With an interactive and exciting interface, it has helped draw more traffic to my business via the review system and is extremely easy to use and free. It makes your site more credible and trustworthy as customers like to hear from other customers just like you would want to know about my experience of using WooCommerce plugins than one from the company.

WooCommerce SEO plugin by Yoast

This particular plugin helps in Google cloud wordpress and in optimizing search results in Google by ranking your site higher by optimal site mapping. Though this is very important concerning competitive placement, it costs around $49. But on the other hand, it is worth the price if used diligently.

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WooCommerce plugin for dynamic pricing

This is one of the best plugins which helps you design four different kinds of bulk discount for each product without having to manage them separately. This is very useful when you are dealing with involved vendors and customers and providing them with bulk discounts and different plans. This plugin starts at $129. It helped me with the manual nitty-gritty of keeping a record of the bulk discount plans and helped resolve confusions.

Metrilo customer intelligence for WooCommerce

This helps to map and analyze the real-time data of customer buying behavior and the whole buying pattern including the traffic generated and the customer sessions. This has greatly help me segment and target customers on their behavior patterns and purchase journeys. As good as it sounds it helps to understand the customer black box and navigate the promotional accordingly. There is a free trial that I had used, and it reaped benefits. I am personally looking forward to buying this plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Featured video

The main disadvantage of e-commerce is when the more traditional customers refrain from buying due to not knowing what they are buying. Hence, it is essential to show them the product. This plugin is especially exciting and helps to embed product videos with product descriptions easily. This is not yet practiced in the leading e-commerce websites and acts as a differentiator. It is free and helps to convince the customer to engage with the product and induce purchase.

These are broadly the five plugins that provide additional Woocommerce security along with a complete solution to, and more importantly, these are entirely sustainable in the long run and tend to act as the foundation to the business model.


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